Joseph Dostal, President and Chief Executive Officer of J Dostal Investments, Inc., draws on more than three decades of experience in investment management. Dedicated to helping clients achieve their financial objectives, J Dostal Investments specialize in the design and management of investment portfolios.

Founded in 1997, the Washington investment advisory firm strives to provide individuals and business owners with the services, products, and resources necessary to maximize their returns. J Dostal Investments currently offers private investment management with insurance coverage through the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, and broker-dealer with First Clearing, LLC, a division of Wells Fargo Bank.

In 1965, Joseph Dostal earned a degree in business administration from Seattle Pacific University. Continuing his academic pursuits, he attended graduate school for one year at Seattle’s University of Washington. After breaking ground in the financial industry shortly thereafter, he co-owned and operated a broker-dealer firm for a number of years, served as a branch manager for an Arizona-based brokerage company, and started and managed the operations of two hedge funds for more than 12 years.

An expert in the brokerage and investment-banking sector, Joe Dostal wields comprehensive knowledge in financing and underwriting, as well as stocks, bonds, and options. For more information on J Dostal Investments, please visit


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