Living a healthy lifestyle can be one of the most rewarding life choices one can make for one’s body and self esteem. There are two main components to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body: physical exercise and diet. Avid exerciser Joe Dostal provides some insight into the benefits of regular physical activity and provides some tips for those hoping to lead a more active life.

Question: What types of activities are considered exercise?
Answer: Exercise is not limited to the traditional ideas of weight lifting and aerobics. Your daily activities can constitute as a type of exercise if you are willing to put a little more effort into them. Doing chores around the house, for example, can be a great physical activity that burns calories.

Question: What are some other ways people can be physically active without dedicating time specifically to exercising?
Answer: Making simple life changes can go a long way toward becoming fitter. Parking farther away from your destination is a great way to work some walking into your day. Also consider taking the stairs rather than an elevator. Even standing throughout the day rather than sitting can help you burn hundreds of calories.

Joe Dostal is President of J. Dostal Investments, an investment advisor firm in Edmonds, Washington. He is dedicated to personal fitness and regularly plays tennis and ping pong.